Camping at Granite Hot Springs

I love how much Saydee loves the outdoors and camping! She is the best. I felt even better about the whole thing after some friends agreed that 11-months is the roughest time to take a baby camping because they can't quite walk, but yet want to crawl all over. Yup, that fits Saydee's description. Saydee is a great little camper and at the worst age to camp with. She is getting really close to walking. I bet she walks right around 1-year. Fine with me. She is crawling all over and getting sassier by the minute! She loves to "talk" on my cell phone. She holds it up to her ear and says things like "wahda", "oh yeah", and just yelling in general. Cracks me up. She is so funny.

So back to camping. We went with our great friends the Passeys and Harts. We had a blast. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with Richard. Really he is just a glorified big kid. He loves to climb things, through rocks in the river, and goof off. The camp sight was BEAUTIFUL and the weather was perfect. Toasty enough to wear shorts and a perfect temperature at night.


Laura said...

What a beautiful area! That is great that Saydee loves to camp. It's such a fun family activity, so it's good to get them started young!

Jerris Heaton said...

Saydee is such a doll! She's an outdoors girl, so fun. Miss you. Let me know when you're in town again, yeah? -Jill

Jenna Johnson said...

I'm glad Saydee (I always spell it wrong) had such a fun time! I hope this next weekend is fun for you too!