What We've Been Up To!

Our little family in Yellowstone

Saydee and her daily Q-Tip. Some people have their morning coffee and Saydee has her Q-Tip. She likes to open my bathroom cupboard, pull out exactly 1 Q-Tip and then crawl around with it in her mouth.
This was taken at our camping trip to Bear Creek. Richard and Saydee went wading in the river.
Saydee and my mom getting ready to go watch the Blue Angels. She is great about leaving her sun glasses on.

We have had a very busy summer. We have taken on an investment property with Richard's dad that we are excited about it. We have been camping about every other weekend and we went to see the Blue Angels when they were in town. Saydee did NOT like the noise of the jets flying 100 feet above us. I think that she had an ear infection (never had it diagnosed cause it cleared up with oils) and we kept covering her ears when they went over head because they were SO LOUD!! It was awesome though.

We have been camping in Yellowstone and Bear Creek, by Palisades. While Yellowstone is beautiful I am not sure I want to camp there again. It is too cold!!! It was like high 40's low 50's during the day and then at night it was low 30's. I did have a blast with our friends the Nielsens. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing a grizzly bear and her two cubs. I have seen multiple black bears in Yellowstone but never a grizzly. I was even more excited to see her about 30 miles from our camp ground.

Saydee is almost one!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone. She has an extremely long torso like her mom, however she lacks my long legs =). So her shirt or dress size is 2T and her pants are 12 or 18month. It makes me laugh, short legs (let me clarify that average to me means short) with a long body!!!! She is learning sign language and I am amazed at how quickly she picks up on the words we teach her. She is quite talkative as well here is a list of the things she says (I know I am forgetting a few):

Dog (she says dog and then she barks like one)
She moo's like a cow
How are you
Thank you
Oh yeah

She is so much fun, and a lot of work. She is a champ at eating her fruits and vegetables. I am mean though and haven't exposed to her to many sweets or fatty foods, not even fruit snacks, my poor deprived child. She eats whatever we are eating and she is a great little eater!!! I am only nursing her once a day and she loves her whole milk=). I am very proud of myself for making it a whole year.

She loves crawling up and down the stairs, climbing on everything and reading books. She is very social and loves to play with others and is very good at sharing. She is great on walks but horrible in her car seat. Being good at church however, is a different story. Hey she has some spirit, what can I say. My child is ALWAYS on the go, very busy baby.

We LOVE Saydee.


Laura said...

I love those little cheeks of hers! Hopefully soon I'll be able to see that little girl of yours.

Shirley said...

Crazy how summer flies! You guys have been so busy! We need to catch up some time. :) I love your new header pic. It's super cute!

Ariane said...

She is so big! And I love the cheeks too. How adorable. I miss you guys!

Amanda said...

The Q-tip thing is hilarious. Most 1 year olds would grab all of the Q-tips and throw them on the floor.