Saydee Has Some Serious Personality

It is so fun watching Saydee's personality emerge. Here are some of the things that I love about Saydee:

1. She is extremely sassy.
2. She is very social, no clue where she got that from.
3. She LOVES to eat. She will eat ANYTHING you give her. I didn't realize how great of an eater she was until I spending time around a few other babies. I have also had people comment about how their kids wouldn't eat squash or what have you. She will even eat those nasty baby food meats. I love my non-picky eater.
4. She loves balloons.
5. She has decided that standing is so much more fun than sitting. She is still quite wobbly, but she can at least hold onto things by herself.
6. She likes to try to drink her water in the bathtub, maybe I should say lap up the water. She is like a puppy dog.
7. She takes amazon woman steps. She likes to hold onto your fingers and walk and she takes giant steps and pounds her feet on the floor.
8. She is just plain cute.
9. She is very helpful at organizing my cupboards.
10. She enjoys pulling out the wipes from the container as fast as possible.


Brooke said...

Saydee is a good mix of you and Richard. She is such a cutie! I'm glad she has been such a good baby for you. My kids were both excellent eaters as well. They ate everything, and they still do. It makes life so much easier to have a good eater. You also crack me up! I enjoyed your ark building comment in your other post. It seems like it is never going to stop raining. We need our two months of summer so we can make it through our ten months of winter:)

Shy said...

I would have to agree! I love sassy Saydee and her giant amazon steps :) I wish Tux would take a lesson in how to eat from her too....

Sam Whitney Preslie said...

What a fun age! She sounds so super cute and fun, i love all your pictures of her she is darling!

Amanda said...

I'm loving the under-the-sink mess. It's amazing what damage can be done while you're distracted for a couple of minutes. Once I put down my mop to answer the phone. When I turned around a minute later, 1-year-old Jocelynne was naked and sitting in my mop bucket with brown water up to her chest.

Amy said...

I just found your blog and I absolutely love it. I'm anticipating getting to the part where you get engaged, I'm still in 2007 :-D