New Car

Well, we got a new car!!! It is a 2009 Toyota Camry. We got it from the Hertz Dealership. Normally we would do a private party deal, you know where you sell your car and then go buy one=). Considering the reason we were getting a new car was because the 2005 Impala aka Crapala was conking out on us. We wouldn't have felt right having somebody buy the car seeing how the speedometer didn't work, the heater didn't work, it would overheat from time to time, it needed a new water pump and new brakes. Lovely. So we did what any honest person would do, we traded it in. We LOVE our new car and it is nice having peace of mind again. This girl is a die hard foreign car fan. I tried the Chevy thing for a while, and I must say I love Toyotas and Hondas. There is something to be said about a car that will always start =). Shoot, my 1995 banged up Civic is still running just great. It had fewer problems that our 2005 Impala. Plus we don't have to crawl in the passenger side anymore, we got the door banged out just enough so it opens.

In other news, I don't know about anyone else but I feel like I need to start building an ark. We have had so much rain! I could have sworn by June the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny. The only thing coming up in our garden is mushrooms. I think I even saw a fish floating in my flower garden. We recently had our backyard hydroseeded and I am anxiously awaiting grass. It is gonna be awesome.


Shirley said...

Nice car! That is definitely a keeper! There is always something to be said about peace of mind. I would never trade that in. Have fun crusin'!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Woo woo. Fancy shmancy! I love the Hondas and Toyotas too but I have to add Nissan to the list. Love your car. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!