Our Little Camper

This past weekend we went up Logan Canyon to go camping. We went with our friends the Cronins (we MISS YOU GUYS). I was a bit apprehensive about taking my 10-month old camping. First of all she won't sleep with us and I wasn't sure how to keep her warm. Richard set up our airmattress and her pack and play in the tent. It was a snug fit, but it fit. We threw in a million blankets and put her in 3 pairs of jammies. She was FABULOUS. She fell right asleep and stayed asleep all night. Apparently we need to set up a tent in our backyard for her to sleep in seeing as she slept better in a tent and 45 degree weather, than she does in her bed at home.
This little munchkin loved camping. She loved the outdoors, the fire, the river, trying to grab the leaves on the trees on the hike. Oh and speaking of hike, she rode in a child carrier on Richard's back. She thoroughly enjoyed cracking the whip. She literally had a stick in her hand that she would whack his head with from time to time.

I miss Logan. I have lots of fun memories of going to USU and it was fun to go back for a night. If I could move back, I would!
Saydee enjoying a nature hike!
Our lovely camp! It was a great spot. It has a nice river literally 10-feet from our tent. It was nice because the sound of the river took the place of the fan I have to sleep with every night to drown out noise.

This is how we find Saydee at night. The poor thing will sit and cry for an hour before falling asleep. When she does fall asleep, she is usually still sitting up.


Sheryl said...

wow. she's better at being "one" with nature than i am.

Russell and Jillian said...

That's hilarious. Simone did the same thing for a little while. We have video of her sitting up in the corner of her crib, fast asleep. She'll grow out of it I hope!

Shirley said...

I'm still nervous about camping! You're so lucky she did so well. That last picture of her is so cute!

Laura, Ben, and family said...

that is awesome she sleeps so well! How did your breakfast turn out?

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Yay! We miss you guys too! Thanks for making the trip. I think August would be a great time to repeat the experience!

Holly Wilcox said...

Hello! This is Holly (Chad's sister).
I check your blog a few times a year. I just wanted to comment on your "follower's post".
Maybe you have your setting set to advertise your blog. So, it will occasionally pop up on the google home page and random people will add you- which is kinda creppy.
In your dashboard, go to Settings, basic and then click "no" when it asks "Add your blog to our listings?"