Honeymoon Part III

Day 5: We left Bellingham and went drove over Deception Pass. HOLY COW FREAKY! This thing was seriously a million feet above water and was scary to drive over. Then Richard got the brilliant idea (actually it was brilliant because it was a beautiful area) to walk across the bridge. You can see how far down it is in the picture with the boat. The boat looks ant sized in the picture.

After leaving Deception Pass, we stopped at a Casino in Marysville and ate. It was a lot of food for $10.95. Richard had heard about this particular Casino in regards to the good food. However, missionaries are not allowed in Casinos so he never got to check it out. We decided that we would go ahead and give it a shot. It was a fun experience and I am so grateful that I am NOT addicted to gambling. I know that is random, but the reason I say that is we had to walk past all the slot machines to get to the buffet. It was crazy to watch all the little old ladies smoking their cigarettes and glued to the slot machine hoping to win! Don't worry this casino had TOP of the line ventilation and you couldn't even smell smoke in the casino. I made Richard check it out before I went inside.

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Shirley Hale said...

Good! I hate casino smoke. Las Vegas was bad, but not nearly as bad as Mesquite. We couldn't even eat in their restaurants since I was like 8 weeks preggo and sick as it was. I'm glad you got to experience it without the death of secondhand smoke! :)