Honeymoon Part II

Day 3 continued: As previously mentioned we left Seattle and drove around Richard's mission. The first picture is a picture of Richard standing in front of one of the apartments he lived in while on his mission. This was in Kirkland (the starting place of Costco). Anyway, while we were there Richard told me that while he was serving in this particular area he would always see REALLY nice cars. Well let me tell ya, he wasn't kidding. We happened to drive past 5 Lamborginis and a Ferrari right in a row at a light. Then about 5 minutes later we drove past two more Lamborginis. I am fairly certain that this was the highlight of Richard's trip. I on the other hand was completely embarrassed to drive by PREGNANT in our little Impalla. Well, not really embarrassed, but definitely out of place. I was even wearing my KMART sunglasses that are peeling.

Day 4: This was a Sunday so we went to Church in Blaine, Richard's favorite area while on his mission. It was cool because several members of the ward recognized Richard and were excited to see him. Several of the members commented that I must be his wife because I am pregnant (not sure that this is my favorite area of his :P). While we were at church some of the members invited us up to their house for dinner. They literally live on the Canadian/US border. Before going to their home for dinner (we had a few hours between church and dinner) we went to a BEAUTIFUL park that had a waterfall in it. I wish I could have climbed down to the waterfall. I would have, except Richard would have had to carry me back out.

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