Honeymoon Part IV

Day 6: We drove over to Olympic Pennisula and stayed with my cousin Andrew and his cute little wife Kylie in Port Orchard. We drove up highway 101 and it was BEAUTIFUL. We stopped in a little town named Quilcene and ate lunch at this fun little lodge. The food wasn't the best ever, but the restaurant had a fun atmosphere, and even included a waitress that called everybody hun and sweetie.

After lunch we drove up to Mount Walker. It was a GORGEOUS view! Unfortunately it was a little cloudy that day, so the view wasn't quite up to par (according to the locals). Oh yes, and we didn't get a picture of it, but they had black squirrels up there. Kinda cool.

Day 7: We drove home to Idaho Falls. It was a 12 hour drive and by the time we got home I was SOOOOOO ready to be out of the car and sleeping in my own bed. We had a great time and I can't wait to go on another fun vacation again.


Laura said...

What a fun and BEAUTIFUL trip! Ben and I are talking about doing a trip like that soon too. All of the areas you went to look absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting the pictures!

Shirley Hale said...

I hope you did okay in the car. I'm glad you guys went now and not in like 2 months. The uncomfortableness only gets worse, unfortunately. :) Looks like you guys had a blast and the pictures are great. What a great memory of you guys just as a couple. Things WAY change when the baby comes. :)