Progress on the House

We are pretty much done painting the upstairs of the house. That means this next week Richard can start refinishing the floor! I need to go and take some pictures of the work that has been done, but in the meanwhile - here is a picture of the living room retextured, BEFORE being repainted. We had the living room, spare bedroom and master bedroom retextured. It looks loverly! Beginning work on this house has made me realize how much more I want to do with it to fix it up. I want new trim around the windows, floors and doorways. I also want to replace all the vent covers, and window covers too. Unfortunately those things will have to wait just a while. Enjoy the pics. MORE TO COME SOON!!!!


Laura said...

Fabulous! This looks like such a fun project. I can't wait to see the final product.

Ruth and Eddison Dunn said...

Sounds like great fun!