Fun That Comes in THREES!

My birthday, Christmas and my anniversary are all within 2 weeks. It kind of stinks because all the fun happens in one short period of time. I am sorry that I have been so horrible at updating my blog for the past month. Part of it was because I was waiting ot take pictures to post - but that never happened. So, I figured I would just go ahead and let you know about my three favorite days of the year.


We went down to Spanish Fork to spend Christmas with Richard's family. They got tons of snow and everybody has a blast snowboarding and sledding. The new hit this year was the Rhino - the big thing with snow tracks that hauled everybody up the big hill to go snowboarding.

We got an abundance of wonderful gifts this year. We got new kitchen cabinets, NEW SILVERWARE (YAY!!!!), and lots of fun odds and ends for our new house. We also had a blast visiting lots of our Utah friends. WE MISS YOU GUYS!


Because of the new home purchase we decided not to spend too much money on our anniversary. Richard was great and surprised me with a hotel stay at Thanksgiving Point. I thought that was great because I had never in all my Utahness been there. He also surprised me with a bunch of beautiful pink roses. Wow, I can't believe it has been a year already.


I have decided that I am done having birthdays. It stinks because all I do is get older and lets be honest - I like my twenties and think I want to be twenty forever!!! My parents bought me a frame for my Christ picture. My inlaws gave me some money, which went to the fund that has recently purchased new couches (well, new to us at least) and a new fridge. I am starting to feel kind of grown up now that I own MY OWN REFRIDGERATOR and TWO sets of couches.

Well, folks - that is the update for now. Stay tuned for pictures as this week we will embark on repainting and refinishing the floor on our new home!!!!


Jill said...

So moving out of the 20s really isn't that bad...ya you get older, but its better than being dead! :) I just moved into the 30s in October, so far so good! Nothing major to report!!

Mindy said...

Jenn, I have my birthday one week the next week is always valentines and the next week is my anniversary. I know how you feel having all the celebrations at the same time. To top it off Derek's b-day is the week after our anniversary. Somehow things seem to all collect around the same time of year. I hope you and Richard are doing well and that things are progressing great with your new home!

Angie said...

Wow, sounds like a party! :) That is so exciting about your new house. Good luck with all the work ahead of you. I hope it all works out well. It was so fun to see you guys over the holiday. I hope you had a very happy birthday.

Gabrielsen Family said...

We will be excited to see everything when it comes together. You always were the family decorator.

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Yay! I love having more blogs to follow! I'm excited to watch the updates on the remodeling! It's going to be so cute! We'll have to do games when you're done!

The Jacksons said...

Whoopsie!! I forgot all about your birthday!! Happy belated birthday!! I hope you are doing well. Love Ya!

Nat said...

Happy Belated Bday!
We haven't seen you guys in forever, so I'm glad I happened upon your blog.
I feel for ya. My bday is feb 6, anniv is feb 13, and valentines is feb 14. What were we thinking? I vote to move the holidays;)

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