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Alrighty..here we go!

5 Things on My To Do List:

1. Find a job that has to do with my degree (business management)
2. Finish writing and send out my Thank You cards
3. Work on my scrapbooks (yeah I am like 10 years behind)
4. Make valentine's day sugar cookies for the new girls in the ward (Compassionate service at its best, or maybe it is because I failed miserably the last time I was on compassionate service and I have to "retake" it) ;-)
5. Give myself a pedicure

10 Things I Enjoy:
1. A spotless and perfectly organized house
2. Dreaming about someday owning a dishwasher
3. Cooking, but I hate the dishes afterwards
4. Looking at houses online
5. Getting all gussied up and looking perty
6. Crafty things
7. Decorating my apartment
8. Going Four-wheeling, snowboarding, camping etc etc
9. Play with my nephew and my neice
10. Socializing

Suddenly a billionaire:
Yeah, this won't be the most original answer but that is okay...at least I am in "tune" with my friends;-) I would buy a house, decorate it with no budget!!!, invest it (this one is for you Rich), buy some new cars, pay off my student loan, and give some to my family (I could spare a million per person I think)

5 Jobs I Have Had:
1. Hostess at WildFox Restaurant
2. Transcriber for Deaf Students at USU and a high school in California
3. Nanny
4. Life Guard
5. Marketing Assistant

5 Things (most) People Don't Know About Me:

(this is tough because I am about the most open and blunt person I know so I might have to make some of these up j/k)

1. I got hauled into the police station about 4 years ago because the police thought I vandalized my own car...HELLO....I did not do that. They let me go and I didn't get into trouble. I was a little sassy to them at first which is probably why they took me in. BUT that will teach you...don't accuse me of something I really didn't do.

2. I prank called 911 when I was in 5th grade. I was MORTALLY afraid that this would be on my police record for life and one time when I was like 14 (a few years after said episode) I took a tour of the police station and they asked if there were any volunteers to have their record looked up and I hid because I didn't want them look mine up for fear they uncover my horrible past as a one-time 911 prank caller.

3. I spent the night at my friend's house when I was in 7th or 8th grade. Anyway, I was freaked out for some reason and called my dad to pick me up (at like 2 am) but then changed my mind once he got there. He was very kind about the whole situation and let me stay there and drove back home.

4. I was sent to the principles office in HIGH SCHOOL. yes siree folks High school. I was a bit sassy with my french teacher (don't worry no profanity was involved) and she sent me to the office. Yeah, this was like my 10th grade year! Anyway, everybody in the office assumed I was a new office aide or something because I didn't look like the usual "suspect."

5. Along those same lines, I was sent to in house suspension my 10th grade year (great year for me) because I called in to excuse myself from school. The problem with this was, I pretended to be my mother. You would be interested to know that the reason I did get caught was because my MOM turned me in. Thanks mom. It was a great day in in house suspension and the substitute that was in charge that day thought I was the teacher's aide for the class. I guess I looked like an angel or something. Anyway they let me go early because they figured I had learned my lesson. Again, I did NOT fit in at all.

I tag:
1. Melanie Crockett
2. Lacey Laird
3. Lindsey Redfern
4. Melisa Gabrielsen
5. Jillian Romriell


Sheryl said...

Sweet post! I loved learning about you my temple friend. Muah!

Leisha said...

Oh, your hidden past makes me laugh! I like a sassy girl!

I like the new header, it is so lovely!

The Leavitt Family said...

Haha! I had to add that little part in for you! :) I do have so much respect for those who can do it natural cuz it is hard! But I also respect if you need a little help along the way. I decided i wanted to remember it as a good experience not a painful one! I truely think you have to prepare yourself for awhile before doing it naturally!

thebohans said...

You are a rebel! Love your new scrapbook header.

karasmle said...

Hi Jen!
Your blog is so big and beautiful while mine is so small and sad. I really love reading it though and your wedding pictures are gorgeous!!!! Absolutly fabulous! Anywho my lamo blog is karasmle.blogspot.com

karasmle said...

p.s. hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog from mine :) I am definantly not as popular in the blogging world and pretty much only mom (Becky) looks at it.

Annie said...

I love your new banner. It turned out fabulous, you cuties!