Mr. Carson = EYE CANDY!

My nephew is absolutely adorable....see....here is the proof. He is what I like to call eye candy. Last night he came to my house to play with me for a couple of hours. He is brimming with all sorts of personality although you can't quite tell what it is just yet. We just know he is going to be a fun kid and very strong and athletic. IT is QUITE disturbing to this 6-week old, 12 lb wonder baby that he CAN'T crawl yet, because lets be honest why lay there when you can MOVE. He is sure a cute baby and I am so glad that I live near him so we can play :-) I am his favorite babysitter you know! Although, as of last night it seemed he was much more entertained staring at a BLANK white than anything else. I wish I thought my white walls were as cool to stare at.


Moscow Mommy said...

That Mr. Carson is an absolute doll! What a lucky aunt you are.

Love the header and all of your goregous pictures of the wedding, you two are so perfect together! Have you just loved married life? It's such a fun adjustment!

Vance Fager Family said...

I love reading your blog, you make life fun!

Leisha said...

What a gorgeous boy!