Saydee Needs a Baby!

I think everybody is keyed into the fact that I really, really want another baby! =) You know me, always great at hiding my feelings. Saydee is the one who really wants another baby! She has an unreal mothering instinct. Here is a list of things that I have caught her doing.

-At 11 months old we were babysitting a friend's baby. The baby was extremely fussy and Saydee stood by her carrier and patted the baby's head, gave her her binky and rocked the carrier. She hasn't ever seen me do that!

- She changes her baby's diapers. Yup, she grabs a wipe and then "changes" them.

- After changing her diaper a few weeks ago, I found her wiping her baby's bum. I thought that was cute. Then, a I hear a commotion in the bathroom. I go in and check on her and she has stripped her baby down and bathing the baby in the toilet. Awesome right??? Sort of......

-Yesterday we had some friends for dinner! One of the girls who came had a 6-week old baby. Saydee wanted to mother that baby! As soon as they set the baby on the floor she RAN to her room and came back out pushing her stroller. She kept grabbing his legs because she wanted to get him out. She wanted to put the baby in her stroller. It was TOOO cute. After completing dinner, I set her on the ground to go and run. I went in the other room to check on her and sure enough she had pulled all the blanket off the baby so she could see him and she was trying to put a binky in his mouth (an old one she found in her toy box).

Saydee loves baby and it is so cute how gentle she is with them. I love it!


Brooke said...

Saydee is so cute!! We need to get together one of these days.

Sean and Sierra said...

Yes, I think it's Saydee who really does need the baby! ;)

Amanda said...

LOVE the doll in the toilet picture.

Nat said...

She's adorable! At least you have a heads-up that you might need to get those safety locks for your toilets :)