Working Woman

I have very mixed feelings about working!!! Well, let me back up and tell you what happened. I was going about my business on Thursday, when I got a phone call from BYU-Idaho asking if I wanted to transcribe on a substitute basis. I figured sure why not! I wouldn't mind the extra money and Saydee could go to work with Richard. I figured as long as it was a parent watching her, it wouldn't be counted as daycare....right?? Not that I have anything against daycare, I just vowed to myself that when I had kids, I wanted to raise them myself instead of paying somebody else to do my job. I totally understand if you want to work, totally fine, I just didn't want to.

Anyway, I agreed to work 40-hours the next week. They are paying me a FABULOUS rate (I was shocked when they told me what it was) and we could REALLY use the money. Richard is a great provider, but considering each time we have a baby we have to pay $7,000 out of pocket, we have some serious saving to do. ANYWAY, I agreed to work 40-hours the following week and part time for the next two months. I hate being away from Saydee. But, I figure it won't be too bad because as I mentioned Richard is the one watching her, I will only be gone four hours a day, and mostly likely Saydee will nap 2-3 of those four hours.

I have about five years of transcribing experience, however I have been out of the loop for 4 years. It has been challenging to not be as good as I once was, but I am getting there! It shouldn't take too long. I just MISS my baby!!!!!!

The downsides to working are that I completely miss Saydee all day long (I am in the middle of my fulltime week) and somebody has to bring her to Rexburg once a day for me to nurse because the pump doesn't do nearly the damage that Saydee can. But it is nice to see her in the middle of the day.

All in all this job has been a huge blessing. It's getting my little old ADHD self out of the house every day for a few hours and honestly for the time being, I think that will help me be a better mom. I do feel guilty about working, but I don't think working for 2.5 months will hurt anybody. Plus, Saydee LOVES her dad. She will have ages 11 months-18 with me at home all day, so I think this bonding time with Richard will be a good thing.


Shirley said...

It sounds like you are feeling guilty about working. You don't have to make excuses or validate your decisions to anyone. I think that motherhood is taxing and breaks (even working breaks) are nice. She is at the age now where she will be okay not seeing you 24/7 and you can make some money! Which is an excellent feeling!

I am excited for you! Don't let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise. You are an awesome momma!

Laura said...

You're a good Mom who listens to the promptings Jenn, no worries. :)

Laura, Ben, and family said...

:-) Sometimes absence makes the heart grow founder ... and BYU-I is SO excited to have you.