Endless Projects

I really should have taken "before" pictures of the terrace. It was a NIGHTMARE! Richard redid the rock walls and they are FABULOUS now. You couldn't even see where they were before. Just rocks everywhere.

This is the side of the yard that DOES have grass, although we are currently killing the grass to start fresh. Ignore the backyard neighbor or ghost house I should say. Nobody has lived in the home in the 18 months we have owned this home. It is a nightmare yard now.

This house has been one big project. Of course that was why we bought the house in the first place. Fixing it up and making it beautiful has been very gratifying and made me appreciate my home so much more. Last year we did the inside of the house. We still have a few minor things like redoing the kitchen floor, painting the bathrooms, and installing my new sink in the guest bathroom. I love garage sales. I found a brand new pedestal sink at a sale for $22, I bargained the nice man down from $30. I am so excited to install it. I hope to have it done by the time my friends come in June.

This year has been the year of the yard. The yard was a MESS! The man who we bought the home from had a bunch of big dogs that trashed the back yard. We literally have no grass back there and last year it was so over grown with weeds you couldn't get back there. This year we put a stop to it. We tore down one of our two huge sheds and got rid of multiple trees and dead and overgrown bushes. We are on target to hydroseed the yard next week. I should have taken more before pictures, but here are in between pictures. While the yard might look barren to you, that is a dang good thing considering what it used to look like. Stay tuned for pictures with GRASS!!!

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Laura said...

Way to go! Houses take so much effort and time.