Some Pictures and a Trip

Saydee and I just got back from Denver. We went to visit my sister and her two darling boys for a week! It was so much fun to get out of Idaho Falls for a week. We went on an airplane for the first time and Saydee was a champ=). She did GREAT on the way there and charmed everybody including the pilot (he came out of the cockpit to see her). The way back was a slightly different story. They delayed our flight 35 minutes (which is a big deal when it is bedtime). Then after we boarded the plane they had us wait another HOUR to wait for passengers that were on a connecting flight. Not so much fun sitting with her for 2 hours in an extremely confining place where you can't even sit on the floor. Oh well, what can ya do.

I have decided that I would love to move to a big city. Let's be honest, I decided this the minute I was born. I have always been a city girl. I loved the diversity and culture of Denver. Plus, it has the four seasons, but it's not as frigid as Idaho Falls (at least for as long). I would love to move to Denver someday, hope Melanie doesn't mind.


David said...

I'm pretty sure there was a husband there too. :) Thanks for coming to visit.

Ry and Monica said...

i found your blog! your baby girl is so stinking cute...just wanna squeeze her little cheeks :)