California Vacation

We just got back from California. We started out by driving to Spanish Fork and spending the weekend there. Saydee rode on her first horse. Saydee loves animals=). She got so excited when we walked up to the horse. We decided to throw her on Mansey and go for a ride.

Sunday we loaded up on the plane (stay tuned for the return flight story at the end) and flew to Lodi California. We went to visit Richard's sister and brother-in-law and their new baby Saylor.

My awesome sister in laws Karen and Sarah came with their cute little girls and we stayed in an awesome house and each had our own room and bathroom. Every day, we went on fun outtings. We went to the beach by Santa Cruz, toured the Jelly Belly Factory, went to Target about 87 times, went shopping, kayaked, and did a few other little fun odds and ends.

We thoroughly enjoyed the California weather. Saydee enjoyed sitting in the grass and picking it. I am disappointed that despite the calendar arrival of Spring, it really seems to be nowhere close to arriving here in Idaho.

We were sad when the week came to an end and it was time to come home. I need to back up and tell you about the plane we flew out on. We flew out on a private plane. After the first leg of the journey, I was seriously contemplating buying myself one, cause you know that would just pocket change for me and Rich;). It was so nice to literally pull up to the plane, hop in and fly away. No security or long boring waits! It was quite nice.

As you might expect, I was thrilled to to hop on the plane and come home. I had thoroughly enjoyed my first leg of the of the flight and was expecting nothing less for the return trip home. I was sitting in my seat and holding Saydee when we hit some MASSIVE turbulence. It literally knocked me out of the seat and onto the floor. Saydee bumped her head on the way down. She was totally fine and I didn't even notice the little bruise until after we landed. I was yelling out to Richard to grab Saydee because I was so afraid she was going to get hurt. He came and grabbed her. I stayed on the floor in a fetal position and endured a few more NASTY bumps. Luckily, the turbulence subsided and the pilot assured that it was just fine and nothing to be worried about. Although he did admit later that it definitely caught him by surprise too.

I was FREAKING OUT after that. I was truly convinced that I was going to die in a crash on the way home. It was slightly comforting to know that my whole family would die all together, but I was still HORRIFIED at the thought.For those of you that know me daredevil is NOT my middle name. I am a wuss and I am proud to admit it. You will never catch me on any sort of adrenaline seeking adventure. I am definitely no quiter, not even when it comes to scary things. Why you ask.....because I don't DO scary things so there is nothing to quit. So while the turbulence definitely scared us all, I took being scared to the next level. I was on edge for the next 20 minutes. I was having a panic attack and it was horrible.

After that I went into the cockpit with the pilot and my father in law and the pilot assured me that the plane wasn't going to crash and that turbulence is just like hitting waves in a boat (except you can see them coming). The pilot was extremely therapeutic to talk with and we managed to safely land in Spanish Fork. You could definitely say that I am having second thoughts about purchasing my own airplane =)

Here is a super cute picture of Saydee. She was helping me pack my suitcase to come home to Idaho. I think she pulled everything I was trying to pack right onto her. Silly Saydee. Don't mind the double choking hazard in the picture (my cell phone cord and the plastic bag).


Ariane said...

First of all, you're hilarious. I'm reading this horrifying story and laughing my head off. I love ya and I'm glad you didn't die in a plane crash!!

Shirley Hale said...

Man! A private plane! How did you get so lucky? I'm sorry that it was so scary, but so awesome you got to go on one. Saydee is cute as ever.

Aaron + Kayti said...

#1 - that plane freaks me out. i thought that i was going to die on that plane too. no lie. either that or blow chunks.
#2 - greg is the best pilot. i had to sit in the co-pilot seat too to get my jitters down and push my food back down into my stomach. i was asking the most absurd questions trying to test him on what he would do if something really bad were to happen! ha

kara schmidt said...

Glad you made it back okay but it was so good to see all of you!