Dude....Why Me AGAIN!?!?!

I have bad car luck!!! Let's review my history:

Spring 2004

Car vandalized ($3300 worth of damage)

Summer 2004

Rear-ended 2 times within 20 minutes

Late Summer 2004

Rear-ended and then sandwiched

Summer 2006

Basketball hoop fell on my car causing $1100 of damages

Spring 2007

Backed into=)

Fall 2009

Backed into at a gas station
Hit a deer

Now you can understand why, when I went out and saw today that my car had been the victim of a nasty hit and run, I thought to myself DUDE WHY ME AGAIN?!?!?! It is one of the more serious hit and run I have seen, but then again I haven't seen many other than the occasional parking lot mishap. The whole driver's side of my car is all dented in.

Thanks to whomever slid around the corner at my parents and hit my car and then drove off. I can't even get IN my car now and all we have on it is liability coverage. I hope your 2010 is as fortunate as my 2004 (my worst car mishap year). Fun fact: in 2004 my little green Corolla was worth probably $5,000. I received about $10,700 in cash and repairs that year. (I had originally said $8,500 but I forgot that after I got in my last wreck, I received $4400 from the insurance company and pocketed the cash instead of fixing the car and then I sold my car for $2,200 a couple weeks later).


Shirley Hale said...

Ugh! That sucks so bad! I thought that insurance paid for it as long as it wasn't your fault. My mom had a hit and run and she got a new car out of it, and I am pretty sure she didn't have comprehensive. I'm so sorry this happened!

Russell and Jillian said...

So sorry about that Jenn! That is terrible luck and WAY more than most people have to go through. Let's hope it works out. Sorry again :(

Brooke said...

My car got backed into at the CHURCH parking lot and scraped the front end of my new tahoe! I was so ticked. I know who it was too because people tend to park in the same spot every week. It was either the old granny car, or the beat up teenager car. (both had dents where they could have hit my car) I really should have said something, but I didn't because I couldn't prove anything. So annoying! You should be on the look out in your parents neighborhood. Maybe the person who hit your car is a teenage driver, and parks outside.