A Shout Out to Richy for his BIRTHDAY!

Where did you meet? We had a class together starting in January of 2007, BUT didn't talk until finance class that started in May. It is all history from there.

How long did you date before you got married? We dated for 6 months and were engaged for 2.

How long have you been married? ALMOST a year (December 28th)

What is your favorite feature of his? I love Richard's smile!

What is your favorite quality of his? He is the hardest worker you will ever meet - except maybe my father-in-law because he has like 3 farms!!! Richard is also very smart and as my dad (and several other people for that matter) puts it "has a VERY good business mind."

Does he have a nickname for you? We are talking about Richard here. He calls me jenNIE to make fun of when I yell out the name Richy, not of course in intimate moments, but more of when I am trying to get his attention and he is far away.

What is his favorite color? Well that just depends - if it for a car, shirt or hair. He doesn't really have a favorite color. In the words of Richard "it depends on for what."

What is his favorite food? Pretty much anything that is edible! I do know that he REALLY likes stuffed french toast for breakfast!!!!

What is his favorite sport? snowboarding and wakeboarding (I am leaving the same answer that Kayti Oldham put, our husbands must be good friends). I will add in basketball.

When and where was your first kiss? Our first kiss was in my parents living room. I actually moved slower than Richy on this one. I hadn't kissed anyone in two years and somehow developed a kissing anxiety (unfortunately I didn't experience a similar anxiety while in my younger dating years). I had to get it over with!!! So my parents living room it was. We had been dating like 3 months before we kissed. Funny story - we went to a rodeo and they had one of those cameras going around trying to get people to kiss. I was TERRIFIED that it was going to land on Richard and I...so I scooted as far away from him as possible. Later that night I finally said "okay let's get this over with" and we kissed in my parents living room. After which, I hurried and ran downstairs and hid under the covers.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? I will only mention what is appropriate for the internet and my blog=) but one of our favorite things to do is to go out to eat! Dang, this is a tough question!! WE do like to do lots together it is just really hard for me to say what.

Do you have any children? Based on two posts ago, the answer is still no :(

Does he have a hidden talent? Richard is a really good cook and he is actually good with kids! I say these are hidden because I don't think Richard really even knows that he is good at these things. Before we got married I think Richard had held a baby a grand total of 2 times. But trust me, he is good with kids and he has been put to the test as we are currently serving our second stint (in a row) in nursery. Ha ha, one of the kids even calls him daddy.

How old is he? 24

Who said "I love you" first? That would be Ricky Ricardo!!! I said it right after him though!

What do you admire most about him? I admire lots about Richard! I love how well he treats me, I am still working on treating him as well as he treats me. I love how hard of a worker he is, I know everybody says this but I promise you I win. Richard doesn't walk to get things done - he RUNS! He also works until things are done. I took him to the cannery once and he was the last one in there cleaning and mopping. I also admire how patient he is. I am a pill sometimes and he still puts up with me and still loves me....yup amazing I know! I won't bore you with more details but just know this - Richy is awesome and I LOVE HIM!!! Happy Birthday Richard! Actually happy birthday TOMORROW (November 13th)


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Richard! Jenn I'm so glad you two got hitched, you're such a fun couple! Hopefully we'll be able to hang out together again soon.

Aaron + Kayti said...

happy birthday rich :) we are so excited to see you guys tomorrow, but we hope that your birthday is fantastic!

Ariane said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I loved your post and all the sweet things you said about Richard. I waited a long time for you to find someone to make you so happy and I'm thrilled that you found him!

Sean and Sierra said...

OH MY GOSH!! This is so cute and i'm so stealing it cause it's Sean birthday today!!

Sean and Sierra said...

OH MY GOSH!! This is so cute and i'm so stealing it cause it's Sean birthday today!!