Its official!!! I am an AUNT!!! My loverly sister went into labor 3.5 weeks early. Her water broke yesterday at 5 pm, and 8 hours later (EPIDURAL FREE HOURS MIND YOU) my sister gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL 7.13 oz 21 inch baby BOY!!! He is gorgeous!!! Christmas eve BABY! I was proud of my sister. She toughed it out and fulfilled her wish of a completely DRUG free delivery;-) I love the my little nephew and will post pictures as soon as I get them. This baby was huge, I know he was only 7.13 oz BUT HE WAS 3.5 weeks early. That lil' man would have been HUGE had he been on time!


Russell and Jillian said...

I am so glad you posted this!! COngratulations Melanie and Dave! I am so excited to see pics. And wow, he is big for being 3.5 weeks early! Simone weighed 7lbs14oz, so just slightly bigger than him. Definitely not that tall though! How fun. Congrats to you too auntie!! And good luck with the wedding. I'll be in Texas, but I wish you and your future hubby the best wishes!!

Joy said...

Yeah for being an auntie! It is so much dang fun. Congrats! I hope your christmas was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I can't think of a more perfect Christmas gift!