I need advice people!

Okay so by the grace of god I am FINALLY graduating! I was on the 7.5 year plan... yeah I know I know, those people are called doctors: ) Well actually I did take 2.5 years off. But the time has finally come and I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Business Management in DECEMBER!!! YAYA! Finally:) Okay so here is the el problemo, okay well not really a problem just my current situation. I AM going to grad school. I have done a great job of fighting off all those boys and staying single. I don't see that situation changing any time soon, so I have got a little time on my hands:) LUCKY ME! It has also been a dream of mine to get an MBA and guys, I am gonna make that reality. So here are my options.

PROVO - Great place, great school, but I will be 26 in when I start grad school, and guess what I feel a lil old for provo. GREAT SCHOOL

the "U" - Okay so I would LOVE to move to Salt Lake BUT i would have to wait until the Fall of 08 to start school and it would take two years. LOVE ME SOME SALT LAKE

Weber - Okay school wise, NOT my preference BUT BUT BUT, it is way way cheaper AND I could start in January of 08 (like less than a month after I graduate) and I could work full time (which would give me great work experience) and I would graduate 14 months later. I know the program is do-able cause my best friend just did it. I AM REALLY READY TO BE DONE! FAST OPTION! (I would still live in SALT LAKE)

What do ya think? Please cast your votes on the right! Show me some love and help a sista out:)!

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Lainie said...

I vote for Weber. Sounds convenient and fast. However, Provo is a close runner up. I don't think you're too old!!! You CAN'T go to the U. You can't turn traitor on me!!! Good luck on the big decision! Of course, there's always Oregon. Have you thought of God's country yet? ;0)