Okay so I will tell you the story of princess bordelga and where I came from. So the other night I was texting my friend and saying good night C.W. (which are his initials). He wrote back and said goodnight J.F. which are my initials. Well I was being a retard (as usual) and wrote back, "you can call me cordelia," which is a line that comes from Anne of Green Gables. Well let me just tell you that my phone does not pick up the word Cordelia, but instead comes up with Bordelga. So you can imagine that I was rolling on the floor laughing because BORDELGA is the WORLDS UGLIEST NAME!!!!!!!!! Honestly, who would name their kid that. So yes I ended up sending the text message just like that and it was pretty funny. So yes, that is the origin of Princess Bordelga! HERE I AM:) HA HA!
Okay, so this is my cousin Laura and I. We went down to Manti this past weekend and went to the temple. The night before we went to this lil Cafe and this is our SOLE picture from our trip!

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L said...

It was a great trip, next time I am going to ask for time off so that we can spend a little more time visiting the places we go, although in the case of Manti, we had PLENTY of time ;)