LONG Overdue Update

I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up with my blog! I am sure my two readers have found something better to do, but still, I like to do this for my history keeping purposes as well.

We are wanting to sell our house and as Richard finishes up those last few finishing touches it will be up on the market! We realize the market isn't great BUT we want to jump on another deal in a home we might like a little better. We feel blessed to live in the home we do and have definitely made it our own =)

Saydee is as cute as ever! She has so much personality and has developed an undying love for Elmo! I am not big into the princess craze, (have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras)? I am quite happy with her affection towards Elmo.

We are excited for Christmas and the many new excitements this new year will bring! Even if it does include me turning 30!!!!!!


The Jacksons said...

You are selling your home?! Why? Saydee is so adorable. She is such a pretty girl. She and Isaiah would get along great. Isaiah LOVES, I mean LOOOOVES Elmo!! I'm not sure why the obsession, but Elmo and Diego are his favorite. Hope all is well.

Ruth and Eddison Dunn said...

Love it! You used to be such an advid blogger! What is with this!? Just kidding I know you have had your hands full! Miss you guys!