Sick Baby :(

Last night Saydee was having a hard time falling asleep, after two times of going in there and finding her completely naked because she thinks it's funny to undress, it is completely silent. I go in to check on her one last time and she is FRYING!!!! She is laying there completely lifeless and not moving her eyes are open and her breathing is labored. NOT what a mom wants to see.

I got her out of bed and took her armpit temperature (which is lower than what it really is) and she was 104+, NOT good. We decide to take her to the doctor, but since it is closed we got to the ER. All the while I am DUMPING oils on her! I am putting on Peppermint, Melaleuca, Breathe, On Guard and Melissa quite frequently. We wait for what seems like an eternity and they FINALLY bring us back and take her temperature, which is down to 103.2.

They get us back to be seen by a doctor and she is NOT feeling good. She isn't moving and laying there just struggling. I felt so bad. They told us they didn't want to release her until her temperature came down and they wanted to run some tests on her. They didn't think anything was seriously wrong so we wanted to leave. Let's be honest at 1:30 am, the best place for her is at home in bed.

They told us they didn't want her to leave until they got the fever under control (they also commented on how good the room smelled of peppermint). We told them that we thought it had come down and they took her temperature. The nurse took it twice and said, "that can't be." He took it a third and fourth time and realized that her temperature was in deed down to 99 degrees. That is the beauty of peppermint my friends!

Today she is running around like nothing is wrong!

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Pam Curtis said...

I'm trying to get a hold of your parents. We used to be friends when you lived in Victoria, Texas. My 3rd daughter just got her masters at BYU in nutrician and she was in the same college as your sister, Katherine. My name is Pam Curtis and email is Pamjoc49@yahoo.com. Please have them contact me. I'm also on facebook as Pamela Olofson Curtis.