Do you think it's been long enough....

SINCE I LAST POSTED!!! Geesh, I am getting bad at this! The funny thing is I used to post more BEFORE I had a camera. So I have a bunch of cute pictures of Saydee. Man, that girl is a sass!!!! She was a lady bug for halloween and the bell of the ball wherever we went. I put a pair of glasses on her and she LEAVES THEM ON! Seriously, what 1-year old does that? Mine apparently. She loves glasses and likes to leave them on. The funniest is when they are my mom's reading glasses. Since it's probably not the best idea to put prescription glasses on her, I bought her a pair of glasses that are not prescription.

Saydee is officially walking all over. She is now a walker instead of a crawler! So fun we love it! Now if we can convince Oldham baby #2 that it's time to come down then we would be set. Any of you others out there experienced the phenomenon of NOT being able to get pregnant as quick as you did the first two times? Weird! I figured that since I got pregnant easily 2 times, that this time would be a breeze. No such luck this time.

Saydee is super fun! She loves to climb in and up things. Her favorite spot is in her closet. There is a little shoe shelf that she loves to climb on and read books. She is a funny kid! She also loves my toothbrush. I am sure you can imagine how much I loved it when I went into the bathroom and found her swishing my toothbrush in the toilet and then sucking on it. Awesome!

Hope you all are having a fabulous halloween! I am thoroughly excited that I have an excuse to go trick or treating again=).


Laura said...

Haha those glasses crack me up. They almost have a Harry Potter look:)

Russell and Jillian said...

Saydee is such a cutie! Love the glasses....such a crack-up!