What is with CREEPY followers?!

I added the "Follow" feature to my blog a few months ago. It is always fun to see who is reading my blog. Recently, I have had strange people adding me. When I say strange I mean the following:
1. Their names are usually all typed together like CADJENX
2. Most of their names are not your typical American names, example Gabriel (with accents on it).
3. I go to their profile and it is blank.
4. I am the only blog they are following, okay creepy.
5. Their names don't even SLIGHTLY ring a bell.
6. Sometimes their blogs are in other languages.

At one point I think I had ten of these "friends" of whom I had no clue who they were. I deleted and blocked 7 of them and then MORE added me. WHO ARE YOU?!!!!! LEO GABRIEL, who are you?? CADJENX....WHO ARE YOU??? JAQUELINE CLEIDE....WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!!!

I must add that you are MORE than welcome to read my blog even if you don't know me. I mean shoot I am a total blog stalker myself. I don't even a have a problem with you following my blog. But please, at least have a valid blog so I can see who you are. It is also preferable that you speak English too!!!!

Any insights on my followers??


Shirley said...

This happens a lot of my fitness blog. Well not followers, but weirdo comments that I can't read because they are in a different language or they are trying to advertise their business or something. It's super annoying. People need to get lives.

Ariane said...

I've had some fun people leave comments on my blog so now I've had to turn on the moderator feature so I can check comments before they're added. I didn't know you could block people. That would be nice....

McIlroy Family said...

Jen, I am totally peeing my pants. You are hilarious. Hopefully Cadjenx will get the message!?

McIlroy Family said...

Hi Jen,
I am totally peeing my pants, you are hilarious. Hopefully Cadjenx will get the message!!??