Our Big Girl!!

Hello Blogging world! Sorry I have not updated my blog in forever! I hate turning into one of "those" bloggers. My sister has come home from her mission=) =) =). She looks GREAT! I can tell she was one fabulous missionary.

Saydee is four months old!! Tomorrow we take her in to get her shots, poor little buddy. She is quite the big girl now. Let it be known that Saydee flat out refuses a bottle. I have only attempted to give one to her all of four times in her whole life. She struggles with the whole bottle concept. She licks and chews the nipple. Once she realizes that it is still mom's milk she decides to give it a try....well those days are over. We went to the MoTab Christmas Concert and I left Saydee with my aunt. When we got back my aunt told me that Saydee refused her bottle, but instead drank her milk from a cup. BIG GIRL!!!

Saydee is now sitting up in her stroller. This makes for much more fun walking.


Laura said...

Agh, I still can't believe I haven't met her! Coming to Boise anytime soon??? :)

Sam and Lacey said...

She is so sweet. I'm excited to meet her this week!!!!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

Wow! We don't mind the refusal if there is an alternative! I've never quite heard that spin on it before though... not at 4 months!