Richard Goes to Canada

A couple of weeks ago Richard went on a once in a lifetime fishing trips to Canada. He went with this dad and they fished for 4-5 days. They were fishing for Salmon, but while they were there they saw grizzly bears, bald ealges, a humpback whale and LOTS of fishies=). Richard said that his dad caught two small sharkies. Crazy. I missed Richard a TON while he was gone. I wasn't even able to talk to him on the phone because they didn't have phones where he was at!!!!

The pictures above are of a bald eagle that kept trying to snatch a fish head off of a stick and my father-in-law with his prized catch!!!


Ariane said...

That's awesome! But I would have gone crazy not being able to talk to my hubby for 5 days! Wow!! But cool pics. Richard is so lucky.

kara schmidt said...

I am glad you posted pics..the only description i got of the trip was, "It was fun"