Oops, Forgot to Post Last Week

Sorry, I didn't put a new post up last week. I am afraid that if I don't keep my blog updated, I will lose all my blogging buddies=) We have been quite busy lately and I am excited that it is becoming spring. Here are some of our highlights and not-so-highlights from the past couple of weeks.

1. WE FOUND OUT WHAT WE ARE HAVING!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I can't post the results until next weekend. Richard would like to tell his family in person next week when we are in Utah. **Let me just tell you this baby does not like to make things easy! Twice in a row the baby was sitting breech on it's feet so you couldn't see a dang thing. Luckily, my doctor was kind enough to do one of those more invasive u/s to determine the sex. I am glad he did and now we know!

2. The beautiful weather! We have been able to go on walks so I don't completely explode weight wise (I am fighting it more than I thought I would with this pregnancy). Gone are the days of eating whatever I want. Plus, you have to remember I can gain 10-15 pounds and not realize it. Like a few years ago when I lived in California and found out I had gained 15 pounds and didn't realize it. I lost it, but it wasn't too much fun. It has a lot of places to go on a 6 foot figure without me catching on too quickly. The goal is for that not to happen again.

3. I am learning to play the organ much better. I actually played two songs with the pedal this last week.

4. We are going to Utah this upcoming weekend. I am quite excited.

5. We are starting to make friends in our ward. Our lovely neighbors invited us over for games last night. It makes church more fun when you have friends there!

6. I found out my in-laws are doing family pictures. I am starting to get over this, BUT I totally had a melt down when I found I got to have this sexy phase of my life documented in large print. SORRY fellow OLDHAMS I am such a butt. I am actually glad we are taking new family pictures as I will get to be in this one, however, I am still in that awkward stage where my jeans do NOT fit, Richard's aren't that cute on me and maternity pants won't quite fit (plus it is near impossible to find a pair with a 34 inch inseam that aren't super expensive). Plus, I am growing out my hair (including my bangs). Anyone want a copy of the picure??

7. Our yard is TRASHED. I didn't realize it because the yard was covered in last fall's leaves. We have raked and raked and bagged several bags worth of leaves. THE upside to all of this is that it should be great mulch for our garden and also, our tulips are coming up. Those suckers are HARDY....they have been growing under 10 inches of wet leaves. It will be a fun work in progress though.

Overall, life is great and I am super excited for our upcoming baby and THRILLED to be married to Richard. He is out of town for the next couple of days and I hate when he is gone because I really like him!


Laura said...

Maybe they can air brush you in??? :)

Ariane said...

When you said you'd be out of town and I couldn't come visit you I didn't know you were gonna come HERE!! Can your in-laws spare you for a few minutes?

Nicole said...

I can't wait to hear what your having! I'm glad things are going well for you!!

bridgerita said...

Hopefully you remember me from Vancouver! I only lived there the last 6 months or so of my senior year...I can't remember how far apart we are? Anyways, I think I saw you on the Redfern's blog and occasionally "blog stalk" you. :) Just thought you might want to know about Bella Bands and Old Navy has maternity online that comes in tall inseams if that would work. ;) Congrats on the pregnancy! Bridget

Erica said...

you are cute. i'm excited to hear more details!!!

Natalie N said...

I totally feel your pain about the family pictures while pregnant. Out of the 4 professional Nelson family pictures we've taken since I joined the family, I have been pregnant for 3 of them. One of them I was 30 weeks pregnant. Not awesome.

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are doing well!

Chris and Ashlie said...

Ha ha, pregnancy brain already, Jenn? ;) I hate family pictures not being pregnant, so I can hardly imagine that time of my life. Poor thing! Good luck. Just wear sweats. You know you want to anyways... Or scrubs. Those are awesome maternity clothes.

Jill said...

Hey what about Old navy Jeans?? They come in longs and they have maternity! They really aren't that expensive either! I know how hard it is to find long jeans! I even got some at JC Penneys that were long enough, but I did have to get them online!
I am so excited for you and your little family! Can't wait to see if this little baby is a boy or a girl!

Oldham Round-up said...

You are nuts Jen! You look great! Don't worry one second about that! Hope we see you this weekend. Love ya

Lynzy and Keith said...

I think you're an adorable pregnant lady. Really, I do. You should call when you're down in Utah, I would love to see you!

Benjamin Earl Fager said...

you may have spoken to early on the warm weather!! but i am glad you are my older sister, i would not have it any other way