Home Sweet HOME

I made it home on Thursday. After my boss announced to my co-workers that they could NOT bring me a cake to work for my last day of work because I was not of enough value to the company, I decided to G.T.H.O (get the H OUT)! I mean seriously, I know I am worth at least 2 cakes, if not 3!!

On Friday we headed up to Jackson to stay at the Four Seasons. Well, actually Richard and I stayed at some friends house. To tell ya the truth it was my dad's friends. I was so impressed because the guy we stayed with found out he has terminal cancer that has spread throughout his body. He just sent his son on a mission and most likely, he will never see his son again, in this life anyway. YET, this guy doesn't complain he is happy as a clam. It really made me rethink what I had chosen to complain about that day (a bad hair cut). Here he has all the reason in the world to complain and feel sad, yet he is as cheerful as I have ever seen! God Bless you Larry!!!

P.S. It snowed here this past weekend. It is OCTOBER, not December. Oh well, at least it melted.


Ariane said...

Honey... it snowed here too! Argh! I'm happy you had fun in Jackson with our "mutual friend." Your post made me put some things in perspective too. Love ya and miss you!!

Shirley Hale said...

Your old work sucks so bad. I am so glad you GTHO of there! I think you should mail them a box of poop or something just to show them how awful they are. I am so glad you were able to quit and when we visit I.F. we are totally going to have "last day at work" cake. :)

I am glad you shared that story about your dad's friend. It definitely doesn't help to complain about things we can't change or have no control over. We can only control how we respond. What a lesson. Definitely count your blessings! ;)

Lacey said...

I can't believe that! What a jerk. We'll be IF for Christmas, but probably not until then. I'll look you up!

Chris and Ashlie said...

I hate to tell you this Jenn, but when I was in 6th grade, living in Idaho Falls, it snowed the last day of school! That's June, my friend. And it rarely gets into the 90's there, as I'm sure you know. I can't even count how many Halloweens we had there trooping through snow drifts to go trick-or-treating. And buying costumes big enough to wear snowsuits under. Ah, those were the days... NOT!

Mindy said...

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If you know of anyone else who might want to keep reading it let them know too! Thanks!!!