The Legacy Continues

It is grape season over at the Gabrielsen's!! Here is a picture of Richard up picking the top grapes. We are juicing and making jelly out of all the grapes we are picking. It is actually kind of fun and one of the many reasons I love the fall! We are going to continue our legacy of dorkiness and pick blackberries and MORE grapes on Saturday. I am going to make some Blackberry Jelly! If you have a good recipe PLEASE share..... I will return the favor. I promise!


Ariane said...

How very industrious you have been. I'm impressed!! I love the pics of Richard. Can't wait to see your red headed babies.

Russell and Jillian said...

You're awesome Jenn! That's so great that you know how to do all that stuff. Your mom taught you well :) My mom tried to teach me and I fought back. Now I wish I hadn't...ah, the stubbornness of a teenager.