Random Update

Sorry, I don't have any pictures to post. If I did have a picture to post, I would definitely post the picture of the lady who floated the Boise River who apparently had some problem that required the paramedics and the police to help lower her face down onto the ground. It was a beautiful sight to watch as they helped lower a 200 lbs woman in a string bikini to the ground.

Anyway, back to being nice. My family came into town this past weekend. It was nice to have them here. We started out by going to the fair. I like going to the fair because it helps me to feel quite stylish. I mean why wouldn't it, I was surrounded by people who hadn't showered for days, ladies wearing SHORT shorts, muffin tops, roots grown out worse than mine, etc etc. You get the picture. IT was actually quite fun going to the fair and guess what...I MILKED a cow=) I even got a sticker to prove it. My mom also milked the cow and kept squirting the milk onto the instructor instead of into the bucket. :P

Saturday we went and floated the Boise River. It was Richard's maiden voyage. He had a tube that appeared to be "expecting" it was HUGE on one side and so skinny on the other. He had to arch his back the entire time just to stay on the tube. I tried to warn him that the Boise River experience wouldn't be complete if everyone had tubes that functioned properly. It was a fun time and I wish that my other two sisters could have been there.

We are counting down to our Utah/Windriver trip. 1 week from this Friday...WAHOO! I even got some stylish clothes at D.I. to wear on our trip. OH YES and speaking of recent purchases, I am the proud new owner of a silver, 5 qt kitchen aid. My in-laws were very generous and gave us money to buy one for graduation! See, I knew I went to college for a reason :P


Ariane said...

What's wrong with muffin tops? I thought it was totally sexy to wear jeans 3 sizes too small so that my fat rolls will spill over my jeans. I thought it was even more sexy to wear a short shirt so people can see my rolls in all their glory, stretch marks and all!! (Argh) I love you too death! You're gonna love your kitchen aide. I use mine for everything! And by the way, I do still consider you one of my close friends too. Even though we don't get to see each other very often, you've been thru a lot of stuff with me and I love you for it!

Nicole said...

Glad I didn't see that!! I'm glad you had a fun time with family in town. It's been forever since I've floated the Boise River!! Fun times!!

Laura said...

SWEET! I love my Kitchen Aid. That and a Cuisinart are the greatest kitchen inventions. I miss talking to you all the time, but we'll be there soon!

Melisa said...

Girl, you make me laugh...on to being nice and then you start ripping on people at the fair! To funny. I can totally see and hear you tell this story:)