Payson's Grotto

So do you think it is time to do a new post?? I mean, its only been almost a month.

A few weeks ago when Ben was in town for EFY, we hiked to Payson's Grotto. It is a BEAUTIFUL place. Right now isn't the best time to go because the snow hasn't completely melted and so it is more like Payson's Waterfall than Payson's Grotto. Nevertheless, it is still perty. Here are some pictures of our excursion. I am loving my crazy hair do. For safety, I put on Richard's dirtbiking helment. You know, just in case any excessively large clumps of snow fell down or something;)

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Melissa O said...

Yes I agree it is about time you posted something new. Woo hoo. I love the helmet. It looks great