You Have Been Called to Serve in..............

ARMENIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is right. Katie will leave on May 28th for a little country by the name of Armenia. If you don't know where that is neither did we! I knew it was in the Middle East somewhere but that was about it. CA-RAZY! We were way off on our guesses, we all thought she would go to like Nauvoo or something. Nope, Armenia;-) Here are some quick fact about this newly developed country

Population: 3,215,800

Religion: The predominant religion in Armenia is Christianity

Culture: Armenians have their own distinctive alphabet and language (Armenian)

Climate: Hot Summers (71-97°F) and Cold Winters (14-23 °F)

Current Leader (Prime Minister): Serzh Azati Sarkisyan (26 March 2007 - Present)

Form of Currency: Armenian dram
Հայկական Դրամ (Armenian)

10 Largest Cities: Yerevan - 1,088,300
Gyumri - 139,900
Vanadzor - 93,600
Echmiadzin - 51,100
Hrazdan - 43,800
Abovyan - 38,800
Artashat - 35,000
Kapan- 34,600
Alaverdi - 28,700
Gavar - 23,200

Interesting Facts about Armenia:

- An Armenian bride may wear a red silk wedding gown on her wedding day. Her headpiece is usually made of cardboard, shaped into wings and covered with feathers.

- Armenia is famed for its apricots which many consider taste better than anywhere else in the world.


Katie said...

Yay!!! It is going to be so great!!!!

Bybees said...

Congrats to your sister! My freshmen roommate from BYU went to the same mission a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I'm sure she'd be glad to answer any questions if your sister needs a contact!

Shanana said...

Sorry for the random posting, but I happened upon your blog through one of our friends' sites. Turns out, we have LOTS of the same friends. I think I remember you living at Lone Palm Courts during my 1st year of dental school?... Am I right? That year is pretty hazy now.
Anyhow, I enjoyed your blog with all of its sarcastic wit. Congratulations on your recent wedding, graduation, and to your sister on her mission call.

Leisha said...

How fun!

Erica said...

i'm envious of you getting apricot packages!

Sheryl said...

Wow! Thanks for the text by the way. I felt special. Katie is the same sister I met, right? I'm still in shock, but let her know, that's she probably a shoe in to teach at the MTC when she gets back, which was SUCH a great job :)

Lainie said...

That sounds very adventurous!!! So fun!!! Congrats!

Aly said...

Thanks for giving me the link to your blog! It is the best way I have right now of keeping in touch. I spent some time in Armenia when I was at BYU. I went with a small group on a goodwill tour for the church with Elder Dellenbach. This was before the mission was organized (I know I'm dating myself here.) I stayed with a family in Yerevan that I would love for your sister to look up for me if she serves there.

Russell and Jillian said...

Wow! I don't think I even knew that was a mission! Congrats Katie and good luck with the language! You'll do amazing I'm sure :)