ABC's of Jenn

A-Attached or single? I am attached, THANK GOODNESS no more dating!! :)
B-Best friend? Lacey or my sisters
C-Cake or pie? Pie please!
D-Day of choice? Saturdays!
E-Essential item? cell phone lip gloss (although I don't wear it anymore because SOMEBODY doesn't like it;-)
F-Favorite color? For my legs: tan, for a car: black, for cutesy stuff: green or red, Pretty much don't have a favorite color!
G-Gummy bears or worms? I don't know good question! I like the worms that are sour and neon colors.
H-Hometown? Heaven!
I-Favorite indulgence? Mayonnaise straight from the jar (I am TOTALLY KIDDING AND GROSS I can't believe I said that....probably going on an expensive vacation)
J-January or July? Need you ask, JULY!
K-Kids? Refer to letter "H"!!!
L-Life isn't complete without? The sun and my husband and my family!
M-Marriage date? December 28, 2007
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers and 2 sisters
O-Oranges or apples? I don't buy oranges because I don't like the skin on them, it freaks me out but I like orange flavor better.
P-Phobia and fears? The month of January!
Q- Quote? "There are easier things to do in life than finding a good guy, like nailing jello to a tree." I guess nailing jello to a tree comes quite naturally to me because I found a great guy;-)
R-Reason to smile? Its closer to Summer than next January!
S-Season of choice? Spring, Summer and FALL!
T-Tag three people: I would love for everyone to do this, so if you want to do it go for it!!!!.
U-Unknown fact about me? I exposed all my secrets last post.
V-Vegetable? Peas and corn on the cob
W-Worst habit? Picking my cuticles or my ears
X-X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound. If you are having an X-ray something is wrong with you. If you are having an ultrasound something apparently went very, very right;-)
Y-Your favorite food? Mashed potoates or potatoes mashes
Z-Zodiac sign? Capricorn


Sheryl said...

ok question: Is the Mayonnaise thing a joke...and I love the quote about the jello and the tree!

Leisha said...

Weare so alike...bring on the mashed potatoes!