We're MOVED IN! (and unpacked)

YEAH!!!! We are moved in and UNPACKED!!! (I am sorry for the lack of pictures, as soon as our internet it hooked up I will post pix). It is So nice to have a NICE, CLEAN, SPOTLESS, ORGANIZED apartment!!! Seriously, I miss these days;-) Back when I lived in California I had an apartment to myself and it was just how I liked it...CLEAN and SPOTLESS!!! Those days are back;-) Except this time, my closet and bedroom are not the same room!!! I have a little more room. Richard was so cute last night as he went around with his little tool bag hanging up all the decorations;-) He was so cute and a great lil' helper!!! He kept saying, "okay what next" and was great about hanging up the next item! Married life has been a blast so far and I know it is just going to get better!!!

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Brett Bailey said...

Hey, just wanted to say that you guys looked great at the reception. I know I'm not supposed to comment on dresses, in fact, I've not noticed a wedding dress since I married my wife, but Jenn's was just great, very elegant, unique. Liked it a lot. Richard had that kind of Daniel Craig tux look going, and you both looked happy and at ease. Hope it was a great day. It was nice to see you Jenn, and great to meet Richard. If you are ever up Bountiful way, don't hesitate to stop by.