So I think you are very familiar with how MUCH I LOVE FALL!!! Considering I have talked about it several times on this blog! Katie, my sister and I, have a tradition of driving the Alpine Loop. We did that yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was hard to take pictures as we were driving, but I gave it my best shot and here ya go. Here is a picture of Rich and I. Yeah pretty much it looks like he picked up a hooker cause here he is in his comfy Sunday clothes and I am all decked out from church still. So yeah we looked a little mismatched and it looked like he rented a hooker for a date!!! But DON'T worry he didn't....come on now you know I am no hooker:-)
Here is Katie and I. Yes my sister is much shorter than I and it doesn't help that I am wearing 9 inch heels. But it was BEAUTIFUL up there on our drive!!


Melanie said...

good pictures jenn. you don't look like a hooker :)
AND thanks so much again for the soup... I have cleaned the crock-pot and really need to return it

Leisha said...

Okay, do you dress like a hooker at church? LOL! You are cracking me up! Great pics!

Moscow Mommy said...

Utah has some goregous scenery in fall! The girls are quite cute too. You're darling!

The Fuller Family said...

You look so pretty. What are you talking about Hooker? I love your hair cut though. I am also so proud of you that you have been dating him for four months. Yea, for Jenn! I miss having fall for a season.