BlOg TaG!!!!

Ok...so here is my first "Tag" post...
5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
1)Going to CHS and forgetting to wear a bra on the FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!
2)Swinging on "mo" my porch swing;-) Of course spying on the neighbors
3)Taking driver's education with my friend Brooke and Nick. Oh my...those WERE the days!!! Our driver's ed teacher was a jazz band member and talked about it all the time!
4) Anxiously awaiting my 16th birthday so I could date and drive at night;-) Now i am anxiously awaiting getting MARRIED so I don't have to date anymore.
5)Door knocking, reindeer you know what, wrapping reuban up in Saran wrap and leaving him on people's door steps!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1)Homework YUCK!
2)Studying for the GMAT
3)Hanging out with RICHARD:-)!!!!
4)Picking up my car from the shop with its BRAND NEW BRAKES!
5)Working (or pretending to at least)

5 songs i know the lyrics to:
1)Like a Boy
2)We Sing Silly Songs! Thanks to many fun trips in our Ghetto Van!
3)Rascal Flatts! LOVE me some Rascal Flatts!
4)That Before He Cheats song by Carrie Underwood
5)All the Coldplay songs!

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1)Buy my teachers off this semester! Straight A's and NO more class
2)Pay off my student loans
3)Pay for Carson David's GRAND entrance into the world!
4)Buy a Mercedes G series SUV!
5)BUY NEW CLOTHES! I swear it has been forever!

5 things i’ll never wear again:
1)Leggings with a short shirt
2)Tank tops....yeah don't look that hot with the G's hanging out;-)
3)Thongs! Refer to number 2;-)
5)A perm

5 favorite toys:
3)Cell Phone
4)My sister Katie
5)my car!

People to Tag...ok ok...

1)Katie Givens
2)Angela Holdaway
3)Melanie Crockett
4)Jillian R.
5) Leisha


Stephanie said...

Ok...so I was one of those porches you dropped Rueban off of...my Dad answered the door, just shook his head, and called me to come help him! It was so freaking funny! Ha ha ha! I love those good ole days!

Moscow Mommy said...

You actually know the lyrics to We Sing Silly Songs!? I can't believe that I'll admit that same thing! We'll have to get together and sing... Thanks for the tag, it's the monumental first one for me! I can't wait to do it now. Are you sick of peaches, or have you eaten the ones you've canned yet?

Melanie said...

Okey Dokey Jenn...blog tag acknowledged! "Credit Card, you got it!"

Melanie said...

I enjoyed posting a new blog. Thanks for thinking of me and making a nice comment!

Leisha said...

I always love reading these, but think mine are boring, lol! Thanks for the tag...that was fun!

Moscow Mommy said...

Jenn, just wanted to say hi to ya today! Do anything fun over the weekend? I loved reading your tag blog, maybe we should just be dorks and tag eachother (and Melanie) back and forth...I love reading fun things about you cute sisters!

Lainie said...

Very fun to learn more about you Jenn! You crack me up for sure!!!