JENN 101

So I am totally copying my sister, but lets be honest - I LOVE MY sister! This was a fun list to come up with:)

1. So I am a copycat, I think my sister is funny so I am posting one of these too.
2. I really am NOT a copycat, but do think my younger sister is great.
3. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE snakes….I can handle spiders JUST NOT SNAKES….I found both roaming around my bedroom and the snake about killed me.
4. I have lived on every side of the USJ
5. If I could drive any car right now it would be a Mercedes G-Wagon…LOVE EM!
6. I love shopping and buy new things.
7. I have curbed my shopping habit and rarely shop
8. Not buying new things is KILLING ME! But I will live, remember I am saving up for a G-Wagon!
9. Up until my Junior year of college, I had more F’s on my transcript than A’s. Luckily I transferred schools and NOT GPA’s, so according to my current school (I have a 3.9)
10. I now have more A’s than any other grade on my transcriptJ
11. I am DONE IN DECEMBER with a Bachelors in Business Administration
12. I plan on enrolling in Grad school in January!
13. Having my sister get married before me was the hardest day of my life
14. I am a pretty picky eater! I don’t like it if it is spicy! I like boring food!
15. I can eat potatoes in ANY FORM and LOVE THEM (EXCEPT raw)
16. I got kicked out of tennis lessons for fighting a boy in the class (in 6th grade)
17. My sister and I once tag teamed a poor little fellow and beat him up….correction she beat him up and I broke his sister’s glasses.
18. I laugh when guys tell me they are 6 feet tall, cause according to those guys I am 6’4 and lets be honest I AM 6 FEET, which means they are 5’8!
19. I know what I want with my life and know that it intimidates a lot of people…but I love being me anyway!
20. I took piano lessons for 10 years and like playing the piano
21. I can type 118 WPM (thanks to number 20)
22. I have been to three different colleges, number 19 didn’t kick until a couple of years ago!
23. I want four kids someday….so pretty much if I don’t get married soon I am going to start anyway..JUST KIDDING!!!
24. I have mentally decorated my entire home someday and landscaped the backyard!
25. I know exactly what I want my house to look like on the outside!
26. I have a serious SHOE FETISH! LOVE EM! Yep, I still wear heels even at 6 feet!
27. I LOVE THE SUN…the rain makes me wanna curl up and die!
28. Speaking of dying… I LOVE coloring my hair! My favorite color for my hair is PURPLE! YEP, it looks hot…trust me!
29. I was the UGLIEST little kid ever, I HATE when people try to convince me otherwise cause I KNOW I was ugly. My mom even admits it!
30. I made my sister do horrible things when we were little. I came up with bad ideas and made her carry them out (i.e. throwing Styrofoam off the balcony into the audience at an opera)
31. I am EXTREMELY competitive! I will put my own life in danger JUST so I don’t get beat out by one of my sisters!
32. I know I am smart and want everyone else to know it to… unlike my sister who likes to keep it is a secret that she is smart! I let the WORLD know whenever I curve a test or better yet a classJ
33. I THRIVE on being social! The more the merrier! SERIOUSLY! Except boyfriends…one at a time thank you!
34. To get me to date somebody it takes a whole slew of friends and a therapist!
35. I love my handwriting when I take time to write nicelyJ
36. I LOVE crafty things and decorating and dressing people….SO FUN!
37. I once got rear ended twice in one day (20 minutes apart)
38. I got rear ended a third time 6 weeks later. ALL three times I had been sitting at a stoplight when somebody slammed into me.
39. I appear more confident than I truly feel inside.
40. I am feisty and LOVE IT!
44. I am excited to one day move out of UtahJ It is a great place, but I wanna live elsewhere!
45. I LOVE the beach and the sunshine, seriously……
46. I have only owned Honda’s or Toyotas;) I am a Japanese car lover. I KNOW Mercedes is not JapaneseJ
47. I love big cities!!!! San Diego and San Antonio are among my favorites.
48. I lived in San Francisco all by myself for 2 years, it was a great adventure.
49. I can’t wait to be an AUNT in January!
50. If I have a niece in January (as opposed to a nephew) she will be the best accessorized little girl ever!
52. I LOVE tiffany’s jewelry, I own a necklace and a bracelet
53. Despite my love for earthly treasures they are not my number 1 priority and not what matters most! (I still like talking about them though) I rarely buy what I like cause I don’t have the money.
54. I would rather save than spend…..okay let me clarify, when I am poor! Okay fine all the time! But I still like spending;)
55. You know where you stand with me, no secrets!
56. I can freak out of control and get over it 5 minutes later.
57. I am NOT a grudge holder, I have tried unsuccessfully to stay mad at people! Doesn’t work. I am a lover not a fighter.
58. It is incredibly important to me to be in good shape. I am NOT naturally this thin, I work at it….why cause it is IMPORTANT to me;)
59. I gained 15 pounds one time without realizing it.
60. I lost it and kept it offJ
61. I once kicked a girl in the shins at young women’s cause she made me mad. DON’T worry folks, this was when I was a beehive, NOT a leader!
62. I LOVE watching college football
63. I am the most uptight laid back person you will ever meet!
64. I am a perfectionist in MANY ways!!!
65. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons. I HATE WINTER!
66. I hate my birthday month! I HATE JANUARY. January is dark and dreary!
67. I had my last birthday this last year when I turned 25! 25 forever baby!
68. Because of me, many people now have text messaging plans!
69. I would rather speak at general conference than say a prayer in sacrament meeting.
70. I love speaking in front of people
71. I want to go into HR recruiting or event planning!!!
72. I LOVE CRUISES, everyone should go on a cruise…so fun and so much food!
73. I am the only NON-ATHLETE in my family! NOT FAIR!!!!
74. I love when people shyly ask me what is wrong with my dad…half of the time I answer “nothing” and have no clue what they are referring to and realize that they are referring to his leg.
75. My sister and are the only tall kids out of five…because we are the oldest everyone assumed all of us are tall…but not so much.
76. My hair got curly at age 22! WEIRD!
77. I have a REALLY hard time sleeping….part of this is because I would MUCH prefer to socialize than sleep.
78. I am very spontaneous! I have been known to plan a trip to vegas and then leave that same day.
79. I don’t really have a favorite color! This is because it depends on what it is for….work out shoes – GREEN. A dress – black. My hair- RED VIOLET!!
80. It drives me CRAZY when somebody is better than me at something that I am good at.
81. The first time I went water skiing, I didn’t realize you were supposed to let go off the rope when you fell down and was consequently drug behind a boat hanging onto my rope for dear life!
82. I HATE when people tell me I look good in a picture when I KNOW I don’t. I don’t need fake compliments, I can handle not looking good in a picture!!
83. I hate fake people….I am as REAL as they come, ask me what I think…I will tell ya. In fact I might even tell ya what I think even if you don’t ask. I except the same from others!
84. I know I have plenty of weaknesses and it makes me crazy!!!
85. I am a fighter….I don’t quit or give up no matter how tough the situation, one of my favorite things about myself!
86. I have been kicked in the face while driving my car! I nannied a CRAZY 10-year old girl who was bipolar and had a lot of behavioral issues.
87. Cleanliness is a need, not a want in my book! I have to have things clean!!!
88. I don’t know what color my eyes are. They have green, blue and yellow in them! Not hazel, but not green, yellow, or blue!
89. Having ugly kids is one of my worst fears!
90. I LOVE taking baths and getting in the hot tub….it only lasts like 5 minutes and then I am bored and ready to get out!
91. I LOVE COOKING and have a recipe obsession!
92. I really do like ALL kinds of music. For example the current CD in my car has Jessica Simpson (pop music), Rascal Flatts (country), Staind (alternative), Katharine McPhee (pop) on it! Yay…pretty much I live everything, although I do lean towards hip-hop and rap and wish they were cleaner so I didn’t feel as guilty listening to it.
93. My mom took me to several psychologists when I was little to diagnose my ADHD, I love the stories about how I literally ran circle (mentally) around them. I knew what they were up to…. I am no dummy! They were shocked that my extreme level of ADHD wasn’t accompanied by a learning disability.
94. I can do like 87 things at once, and participate in 2 conversations at once. I have ADDJ
95. I have ADHD worse than anyone I have met, 97th percentile baby! I used to be ashamed but now am proudJ I have learned to channel a lot of its various facets, to be positive things in my life (i.e. an extremely high level of energy). My favorite is when I used to work for the disability resource center as a transcriber and they asked me to take notes for a student with ADD. LOVE IT! So here I am (I can GUARANTEE I have the disability worse than the student, and here I am taking notes for them).
96. I used to be deathly afraid of DOGS, I lived in Montana where hunting dogs ran rampant, I am now over my fear – but seriously even Chihuahuas used to scare me!
97. I HAVE the coolest family! The best parents, the hottest brothers and my sisters are GORGEOUS!
98. I am told I look just like my mom and love it! I love that I bear resemblance to her more than the rest of my siblings.
99. While everyone claims to be married to the “BEST GUY EVER” I truly feel there is no such thing on a universal level. It should “I married the PERFECT/BEST GUY EVER for ME.
100. I can’t WAIT to find the best/guy ever for me! I want nothing more right now!
101. I am glad this is done!


Sherry said...

I don't even think I could come up with 101 things about myself.

Russell and Jillian said...

Wow Jenn! That was an awesome list. Now we all know EVERYTHING about you :) Not really, but we can pretend.

Leisha said...

I saw the Mercedes G-wagon on the way to dinner tonight and I agree...salivate, salivate. I also agree with the eating of potatoes in any and all forms and pretties from Tiffany's. That is an amazing list, you sound like an awesome girl!

Derek and Ang said...

What do you want to do for Grad school? Congrats on almost finishing undergrad. Thats awesome!

Lainie said...

Very cute! So much fun to learn more about you Jenn!

thebohans said...

It is amazing that you know so much about yourself! WONDERFUL! I need to work on that more!