Less is More

Okay, so it is really sad that the part of my body that I complain the MOST about and am the most frustrated with and makes me cry and get angry more than any other part of my body, I want more of? Yeah that makes sense right? Well I cut my hair yesterday. Not much, but I cut off more than I usually do. I have been growing my hair out for a long time. Probably 3.5-4 years. Yesterday I decided that I needed more than a little trim because my hair was starting to look too stringy at the ends. I had the girl cut off about 2-3 inches. Here are some pictures, ignore that they are off my camera phone and that my hair looks orange, because it is not . I just put a lil more blond in it this time, it is summer! YAY!

PS. My hair does look decent today, although the picture makes it look like I have not brushed it in weeks! I tell ya pictures are out to get me, and try to make me look ugly. ha ha ha ha!


Lainie said...

WHATEVER! You are totally photogenic!! I always get the urge to cut my hair in the summer! You won't regret it!! You are beeeeUtiful!!! ;0)

Lainie said...

PS it'll grow faster if you trim a little every 3 months or so. At least that's what I'm told!

Bybees said...

I love the hair! What's it like to actually do your hair???