Finals Week AH!

So it is finals week starting Monday! I have actually cheated and taken two finals already. Three to go! I am NEVER doing 18 credits again in my life! This about killed me and ALMOST made me change my mind about wanting to pursue a master's degree. I really wish I could just beam myself to Thursday and be done! My life would also be simpler if I could handle anything less than an A! However, anything less is a CRISIS for me! What happened to the good ol' USU days, where I was excited If I got a D-? OH SIDE NOTE!!! I did get the Faculty and Staff Scholarship for Fall semester! I am so excited!


Russell and Jillian said...

Good luck on the rest of finals! Can't say I miss finals week. It'll be over soon enough!

Sherry said...

Good Luck and Congrats!!!

Annie said...

You're amazing! Keep up the ambition and goals. Congrats on the scholarship. You should be so proud!